Hailing from the West Coast, hunnaRIP perfectly defines all of what new era electrifying hip-hop should sound like. Having opened up at several venues across California such as ‘The Whisky A Go Go’, ‘The Canyon Club’, ‘Los Globos’, & many more, he has since established himself as a headliner. Having amassed hundreds of thousands of views from both music videos & streaming platforms in less than a year, hunna is on an upward trend to success.


More than just a playboy, hunna is also a champion who looks to continue inspiring. “If it’s not you, it’s someone else. Bring the you out of you! Not someone else into you”. Along his musical journey, hunnaRIP has come across a team who share the same interests of forward progression. Together they call themselves the ‘Flight Crew’. There are plenty of new projects/videos on the way for both day one fans & new-comers.

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